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Foundations for injury prevention: Movement Patterns

As mentioned in the last article, I want look closer at the four areas I think are very important for injury prevention. In this section we will look at the first area: movement patterns and the Functional Movement Screen.

The Functional Movement Screen was developed by Physical Therapist Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton as aFMS pic way to assess functional movement patterns for stability and mobility limitations that may contribute to injury. The test is not significantly difficult to score well on and that is the purpose. The screen is meant to find those who have poor movement patterns which would lead to injury. The test is 7 movements and is easily performed in around 15 minutes.

The FMS (as it is known) is a great tool to see if patients can meet a movement standard. It is also a test used by the NFL to screen athletes during the pre draft sessions to make decisions on million dollar contracts. Lastly, the screen has been deemed reliable and valid by various studies which is important in the world of medical research.

What does this mean to you? If you are doing Crossfit or some other high intensity training, it could mean a lot. Efficiency of movement is the key to performing high intensity, high volume work. If you have mobility or stability limitations your body will compensate to get the work done, putting excess stress where it should not be. This leads to injury. You are also wasting energy with poor movement patterns, effectively slowing down your times for workouts and creating fatigue, which under the wrong conditions also leads to injury.

Correcting movement pattern dysfunctions can be easily incorporated into your warmup or into a quick daily routine. An FMS is not meant to keep you out of the gym but meant to keep you from missing gym time due to an injury.

At Quantified Performance, we can perform the Functional Movement Screen, instruct you on how to correct it and show you how it relates to Crossfit or any other workouts. We are experts in human motion and how it relates to specific structures in your body, so you can keep going, injury free.

Dr. Luke Angel



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